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We are looking forward to helping you with your cleaning needs in Ottawa, ON!

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Why choose Ottawa Building Services?

We show up on time, deliver on budget, and provide the top level of customer service in Ottawa for building services. Our trained, insured, and bonded team work with a positive attitude and go the extra mile to make you happy each and every time. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means our job is not done until you join our happy long term clients!

Do you do all exterior cleaning?

At OBS we handle all exterior cleaning ranging from window cleaning, to gutter cleaning, to eavestrough polishing, to pressure washing. If it’s on the outside of your building or house we will be happy to clean it for you.

Does OBS work in electrical or plumbing?

We do not work in these fields as they require specific certifications. If you require these services we will be happy to refer you to any reputable contractors in our network.

Does OBS offer a price match guarantee?

Ottawa Building Services does not offer a price match because there are several companies that do not carry insurance or pay taxes each year. Therefore, pricing will be significantly below market value.

Are you able to do both interior and exterior painting?

OBS is happy to provide you with interior and exterior painting services to increase curb appeal at your building, complex, or home. If you need an interior cleaning, repainting is an excellent way to go.

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440 Laurier St., W., Suite 200. Ottawa, ON. K1R 7X6.

Open Office Hours
M-F: 8am – 6pm
S-S: 10am – 4pm
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(613) 627-3022