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OBS uses a water soluble cleaning solution that leaves your windows residue free. Fill out the form, give us a call, or text us for a free estimate. 

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Window Cleaning

Our company guarantees streak, residue and chemical free cleaning!

Pressure Washing

Transform your curb appeal with affordable pressure washing services.

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Have junk around your property? Let us handle the removal.

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In principle, window washing is simple; in fact, it is not.
Cleaning windows increases the quantity of light and beauty that may pass through them significantly. Although there is never a scarcity of sunlight in the Ottawa region, the importance of warm beams of sunshine is not diminished.

Of course, even if it rains every now and again, it doesn’t mean your windows will get cleaned. As a result, having your windows professionally cleaned may make all the difference. It’s also a fantastic service to add to your next soft wash roof or driveway cleaning!

Property Maintenance

It is a demanding and time-consuming task. Window washing is one of our most popular services, therefore we’re delighted to name it that. Both residential and business consumers can benefit from this service.

Our business approach and referral rates, we’d like strongly believe, attest to this as well, but the choice is yours. Regardless, it’s always better to leave window and gutter cleaning to the experts.

We have the necessary safety training and equipment to get your next cleaning job done quickly.

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Despite this, we don’t let our pricey equipment or lack of expertise deter us from doing meticulous job. We can reach higher windows more swiftly and safely thanks to high-quality equipment.

There’s a lot that goes into doing a good job cleaning windows. We’ll also make sure your home’s screens and sills are clean. We’ll also keep an eye on skylights and window shutters. This not only improves the looks of the glass, but also its lifespan. Dirt and grime may etch into your glass panels over time. Avoiding this is as much a matter of practicality as it is of aesthetics. Dirt build-up, if ignored, can result in leaks, scratches, and a significant reduction in the lifespan of any particular pane of glass.

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